The winners of the Fergus County Spelling Bee are from left: Brandon Parsons, second place from Lewistown Junior High; Truman Pierce, first place from Lewis and Clark; and Caleb Russell, third place from Lewistown Junior High. Photo courtesy of Michelle Trafton


Article courtesy of the Lewistown NewsArgus.  Published March 7, 2105.

The Fergus County Spelling Bee was held Monday, March 2 at the Lewistown Junior High School.

The participants include the following: Denton: Logan Smith, Kein Carpenter, Kyle
Lee (alternate); Grass Range: Morgan Corean, Cody Mitchell, Nola Goss (alternate); Lewis and Clark: Cialeo Smith, Truman Pierce, Morgan Pierce, Caleb Greenberg, Gabe Arndt, Daniel Thackeray, Trinity Edwards, Abe Friesen, Kaitlin Sramek, Hanna Franz, Kobe LaRocque (alternate), Dylan Stapleton (alternate); Winifred: Rebecca DeMars, Kasper Wichman,
Anna Slivka (alternate); Lewistown Junior High: Caleb Russell, Sam Fulbright, Noah Kirsch, Jaden Schultz, Abigail Wentworth, Libbey Jenness, Brandon Parsons, Nathan Kindzerski, Caitlin Prindle, Kody Dengel, Isabella Lewis (alternate), Natalie Bourne (alternate); Moore: Enchanity Gabaldon, Hayden Patnode, Rhett Patnode (alternate); Spring Creek Colony: Haugan Walter, Morgan Walter (alternate); King Colony: Adrianna Hofer; Roy: Berkley Stroh, Tia Clemenson (alternate).
Appreciation goes to Luke Brandon, the pronouncer; judges Cindy Giese, Sara Wald, Carmen Wichman; and Sally McBurney, the roundkeeper. Rhonda Long directed the event and sponsors included the Central Montana Jaycees, HCR, McDonalds restaurant and Fergus County Superintendent of School’s Office.



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