Jaden Schultz2015  
Jaden Schultz holds his first place certificate from the 2015 Junior High School Geo Bee, next to contest facilitator, Krystal Ferguson.  Photo by Christopher McConnell  

Article courtesy of the Lewistown NewsArgus, by Christopher McConnell.  Published January 17, 2105.

Nineteen Lewistown Junior High school students vied to be the champion of the 2015 Geo Bee on Wednesday.

After several rounds of competition it was whittled down to two finalists. The question that determined the winner was: Norway is located on which European peninsula? Of the two finalists— Jaden Schultz and Wes Jameson—only Jaden Schultz answered correctly: The Scandinavian Peninsula.

Schultz said he didn’t do anything special to prepare for the competition other than studying maps for a few minutes. Krystal Ferguson, eighth grade social studies and art teacher, facilitated the Geo Bee and said Jaden will represent Lewistown and move on to the next phase. “Jaden will now take a written test and the top 100 picked will qualify for the state competition in April in Billings,” Ferguson said.




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